The state-of-the-art technology and equipment available to Cartografica Galeotti allow maximum customization in terms of size, quantity and colors of the items, in order to meet customer needs and create unique products. The highly specialized internal graphics department is available for the creation of new designsor the development of new proposals for the renewal of existing graphics.
The goal is to provide high quality, innovative, sustainable and customized products in a unique way.


Cartografica Galeotti boasts decades of experience and success in the private label sector and is able to offer a wide variety of options to large retailers, supermarkets and shops, supporting them in all stages of preparation of their brand to guarantee the best results in terms of quality, environmental responsibility and product design.


“Not just a tissue”: not a simple handkerchief but a real promotional gadget!
Thanks to a large, fully customizable surface, the handkerchief packs and paper tissue boxes can be used to effectively convey your message every time you use it.


Based on its experience and the very high production specialization on these two product categories, the company over the years has developed and manufactured a wide range of items with its own brand, to cover every consumer need.

In addition to this, for younger consumers, the company can offer a catalog of items decorated with unique technical features, on the market, and customized with numerous successful licenses.

LICENSING products

CLEAN PAPER products