Cartografica Galeotti, which has always paid attention to environmental sustainability, optimizes the use of natural resources at every stage: making consumption more efficient and favoring the recovery of waste, contributing to the protection of the forest heritage and using energy from renewable sources.


Thanks to continuous investments, all the production machinery in the various departments is of very recent installation and represent the best of the “state of the art” in paper production, with high safety standards for operators. All plants are managed online by the management system (erp / mes), and integrated with Technology for Industry 4.0.


The company puts the importance of people at the center of every step of the process. Listening to the customer is essential in all phases of the project and relationships are governed by a code of ethics that emphasizes the correct management of human resources and encourages the sharing of those principles in which the company believes and in which it is committed.


“Working for a more orderly, clean, practical, safe and pleasant work environment, promoting the enhancement of personnel, innovation and behavior inspired by sustainability, commercial transparency and compliance with the rules with the aim of creating value for customers, employees, shareholders, partners and the community”.


Cartografica Galeotti is aware of the value of its role in the economic and social progress of the territories in which it operates. Its actions are inspired by the guidelines expressed in the Code of Ethics and it translates these guidelines into programmatic actions and asks its collaborators to share the principles in which the company believes and in which it is committed.

With the Code of Ethics, the company reaffirms its adherence to the guidelines of the Sustainable Development Strategy of the European Union, recognizes the principles of the Fundamental Conventions of the International Labor Organization, supports the principles of the Global Compact promoted by the UN and the ethical criteria of the OECD (Global Legal Standards), and adheres to the Charter of Environmental Sustainability Principles of Confindustria.

The Code of Ethics represents the identity card of the company. It is a fundamental element to make our mission concrete and real.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is a real strategic choice for Cartografica Galeotti: in realizing its typical production mission, it seeks, in fact, to meet not only economic, but also environmental and social expectations.

This attitude does not simply represent a cost, it also contributes to the long-term growth of the company itself. The creation of long-term value is, in fact, possible only through the implementation of a socially and environmentally sustainable development strategy.

Over time, the company has therefore adopted a development model that increasingly links the creation of value to the improvement of its environmental impact, the quality of life of employees (welfare policies), and the community in which the company operates.


Cartografica Galeotti protects the health and safety of its employees, suppliers and visitors in order to reduce accidents and occupational diseases.

The company has implemented an OHSAS 45001 certified management system at its plants, committing itself to continuous and planned improvement of Health and Safety standards.

The company develops training programs on health and safety issues: each category of workers is trained on risks and prevention and on implemented protection measures. For each specific task, “on the job” training is carried out.

Dialogue and training on Safety are thus developed and strengthened, with the participation of all, the aim being to maintain constant attention and involvement on prevention by personnel in the field, going beyond the mere fulfillment required by the relevant regulations and therefore disseminating a real culture of safety within the company.


Consumer protection is of particular importance in packaging as well as in tissue production in sectors in which products can be destined to come into contact with food and with people. This has led to a real reform in the organization of the company in terms of cleanliness, order and hygiene, in order to safeguard the safety aspects related to products.

Cartografica Galeotti has long included the inherent values in product safety in its quality policy and code of ethics and has adopted management systems that comply with existing international standards on quality, hygiene and safety.

the entire product manufacturing process was subjected to a specific HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) analysis aimed at identifying what could be the critical aspects for a possible contamination of the products from a chemical, physical and biological and to implement all solutions capable of eliminating these dangers. This analysis is subject to periodic reviews to ensure that it is always updated in the face of new knowledge and technological evolutions in progress.