Cartografica Galeotti can create any type of packaging product based on the customer’s needs by applying a consolidated and certified production process to each project.

The phases of product realization include the involvement of all operational departments:


The packaging design takes place internally and makes use of the company’s skills and technologies.

The technical department can design the entire packaging, starting from the customer’s needs, or can adapt and manage any projects provided. The design phase includes the complete prototyping of the packaging.


The graphic department takes care of entirely creating the graphics (starting from the creative process), or adapting those provided by the customer to optimize the production process and the final result.

The verification and approval phase of the graphics is managed through integrated and tracked processes where the customer can interact and manage their information via the web.

The prepress activities realize the engraving layouts and the inking profiles through fully interconnected and partially automated digital tools to make the processes faster and safer.


Printing uses low energy consumption offset machines, capable of processing formats up to 106 × 145 cm and up to 7 colors with both traditional and UV varnishes.

Our production processes allow us to guarantee certified production for food packaging starting from the raw materials used.

There are also printing effects such as:

  • Glossy and Matt UV varnish
  • Glossy and Matte Drip-Off or Orange Peel Print
  • Printing with metallic inks


Each package can be customized with the following processes:

  • Hot and cold foil application
  • Lamination

Other lithographic effects (e.g. thick paint, glitter, wrinkled, satin, etc.)


For packages that require greater strength, it is possible to make cardboard coupled with covered or uncovered corrugated cardboard of type F, E, B, C, EE, EB.


Our die-cutting lines allow us to perform embossing die-cutting.


For packaging that requires the presence of transparent windows for viewing the product contained inside, or for dust protection (eg cases for cosmetic tissues), including die-cut ones.


When it is necessary to create sequences of different graphics on the same type of packaging (for example for multiple product packs), our mixing plants allow us to sequence up to 6 different graphics.


The gluing lines allow high-speed gluing of any type of packaging (simple case, snap-on bottom, folded trays, 4-corner boxes, etc.)

During the folding and gluing phase it is possible to apply variable data on each box produced such as, for example, promotional codes, barcodes or QRcodes.


Search for the best solutions for optimizing the transport, storage and recyclability of the material used for packaging.


The recently built automated warehouse allows greater productivity and efficiency reducing lighting, heating and transport costs whilst exploiting space and surface area.

  • Photovoltaic installation guaranteeing an independent source of energy
  • Software Optimisation for the pallet builder and for the loading of pallets onto means of transport
  • Totally automated entrance and exit of pallet
  • Conservation of products in optimal conditions of temperature, humidity and light
  • Total elimination of potential contamination or damages due to an incorrect handling or conservation of products
  • Low oxygen content hence reducing risk of fire