Consumer protection is particularly important in the packaging and tissue sectors, where products are designed to come into contact with people and with food. This has lead to a real reform in the company organisation in terms of cleaning, order and hygiene, in order to protect the safety aspects of the product.

Cartografica Galeotti has for some time included these values in its quality policy and ethical code, and is equipped with management systems that comply with existing international product quality, hygiene, safety and legality standards (BRC Consumer Products standard and IFS Household and Personal Care Products standard).

To this end, the entire production process is subject to HACCP analysis (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) to identify what the critical aspects could be in the event of a possible contamination, from a chemical, physical and biological point of view, and to take steps to eliminate such dangers. This analysis is subject to periodical re-examination to ensure that it is always updated with new knowledge and technological developments.